Saturday, January 28, 2012

What A Way To Wake Up

I almost never remember dreams. But this one woke me up. - No, not a spiritual or otherwise enlightening dream. Just a dream.

Ruth,Miriam and I and maybe someone else were in a hospital nursery viewing area. (Although the windows were a bit too high for decent viewing). I started talking to the nurse about people I know who had hard to diagnose diseases that sap one of energy and joy and cause discomfort or pain. I am concerned about my son Joseph who doesn't have the vigor a young man should and experiences joint pain, excessive tiredness, and depression. Ruth and Miriam started joking around and laughing. I asked them to act like grown-ups but they said they didn't want to. : ) The nurse asked them to go outside where they would enjoy seeing a newborn kitten and some other new animal baby I have forgotten. We talked a bit more. Then suddenly we were in a car talking. My car, I think. The nurse was driving on a highway or freeway going pretty fast, but not speeding. Suddenly, I saw a car in front of us, rapidly approaching backwards. Blue. Trunk slightly open ?) Although I was on the wrong side of the car, I could tell the driver was looking back at us and deliberately ramming our car. Just as I called a warning to the nurse/driver, the cars crashed. I don't think we were hurt. There were car parts and other debris all around. It all happened very quickly and the crash woke me up just as I was thinking about “It's always the car that rear-ends the other car's fault. There are people who stage rear-end accidents so they can sue for money”

I had awakened at 5:30am but determined to enjoy no alarm clock Saturday – especially since Sundays are now wake up early Sundays, especially tomorrow, and Saturday is the only opportunity to sleep in at all - if there is nothing scheduled in the morning – Anyway I managed to go back to sleep until the crash at 7:30. Not as refreshing as I had hoped. Not sure it was worth it. Is that the message? Get up and do your chores? But sleep is important, too, and chronic tiredness is a serious health threat. Sigh

Now time to get started on all the every day chores of life for which there is no time during the work week. Hope you have a happy and productive day. 

The good news is that it was a dream. There was no crash. The bad news is that my concerns for Joseph's health are real. Something is not right. He should feel better and more alive. We have more than once taken him in for full checkups noting our concern for this vague wrongness, but the doctors didn't find anything. I want him to go again, but he is an adult now and has to decide himself. One gets tired of going to the doctor and doing tests and coming up blank.


  1. I imagine if he's had a full check up that they checked his iron? Ryan occasionally gets really rundown, achy, etc. and when he goes in, they find his iron count is extremely low. He takes iron supplements and gets tested again a few months later and everything is fine. It's happened a couple of times. That was the first thing I thought of when you described Joe's symptoms. But, I would imagine they checked for that already. :S

  2. I think they have, but we will work on his iron, anyway - that is I will encourage him to. Thanks.