Wednesday, June 27, 2012

*Jimmy Cagney voice* “Oh, you dirty rat.” (even though he never actually said it)

A little excitement in the office this morning. 

An unpleasant smell has been growing over near the front desk.  At first, barely noticeable and not constant.  Yesterday, it was camouflaged by a potluck. This morning, it began to really bother people. 

One coworker declared his certainty that a dead rat was stuck somewhere.  Much productivity was lost as people wandered about comparison sniffing, hunting through empty cubicles, peering at vents and lights, etc.  A couple of janitorial workers were brought in.  Several people stood about at various distances admiring their courage and  offering suggestions.  The smell seemed to be coming from the ceiling.  Every discoloration of the light covers became suspect.  The janitor said it was not in the ceiling because when he stuck his head up there he could not smell it, but when he was going up and down the ladder he could.  

The smell was finally identified as a potted plant which had gone moldy at the bottom!  
Rather sad as my super had grown it from a mere leaf.  Alas, she is not going to try to save it, but had it unceremoniously removed.
Back to work, people.  It’s fiscal year end.

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