Monday, April 15, 2013

We Never Know

Again we are reminded that we never know.  

We should not live in paranoia, but take reasonable care for safety no matter what we are doing.  We should live prepared to be able to live without guilt or regret.  To know where to turn when what we have to face is too much for mortal strength. 

Sometimes things will happen in life for which there can be no warning and no preparation.  We do not know when our life will end and we will be called before our Maker.  We do not know when loved ones will be torn from our lives.  We do not know when our lives might be seriously disrupted, things we take for granted shattered -  health, wholeness, jobs, peace, - any aspect of our lives - gone.  

We should live in love, kindness, prayer and repentance daily.  We should try to prepare ourselves for emergencies.  We should strengthen our faith to help us bear the unthinkable.  We should prepare our souls.  We should tell people we love them.

We complacently live our lives thinking that we have forever or least a bit more time to work things out, to get ready for emergencies, to put our lives in order.   The Scouts are right, we need to strive to BE PREPARED.

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