Saturday, May 4, 2013


 It sounds so simple.

 Ask - Is it Useful? Is it Beautiful? Does it make me Happy? Is it Family History? 

If the answer to None of these questions is Yes - recycle or trash.
If it is useful, but we won't / don't use it -  donate it. 
If it is beautiful, but we won't/ don't see it -  donate it. 
If it is useful and/or beautiful, but it makes me unhappy -  donate it. 
See? Simple. 
Surprisingly not.  And rather time consuming. 

I have been working away in my room for hours. 

My son came in, "Let's see.  There's stuff all over the bed.  There's stuff all over the floor. Yep, you're cleaning."

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  1. I need to get moving and get this going at my place , too! I have too much stuff.