Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Does your spirit sometimes flag?

     If it weren't for Teresa and Andrew I would seldom go to Relief Society activity night - whatever they call it now.  It used to be called Home Making Meeting, I believe, but I don't think it is any more.  Teresa not only reminded me at least once that it was tonight, she also paid for my craft.   Andrew, as usual, like David, volunteered to help.  This time, they didn't do child care - first time in a long time - but only did take down.
     I came home from work not feeling very ambitious - per usual.  Was trying to 1) figure out dinner and 2) talk myself into pulling weeds.   Andrew mentioned that he would be going to help at Relief Society.  Oh, yeah.  Relief Society.  sigh.  I guess should go.
     Not that I don't like Relief Society or any of the sisters or the activities.  Just tiredness - or laziness. 
     Andrew opted to ride his bike over later rather than drive in with me and wait around for his chance to serve. For one thing, he was doing a little research into Farrell's which will be opening up a new ice cream parlour not far from here soon and are beginning to hire.  Working there would be a great job for him.  He would be great for them.  I wonder if he would get an employee discount?  Zoo, anyone?
      oh, yeah, Relief Society. There was a class on Slow Yeast which I did not attend so I still don't know what slow yeast is.  A quilt set up to work on.  And the craft.  There was a useful lesson, too, but I arrived late and have no idea what I should have learned.  Our craft was a cute flag block.  Well, most of them were cute.  Mine is among the least of those.  Most of the sisters made multiple thin stripes.  I made 3 fat ones.  I don't know if there is any great meaning to it except that I just didn't feel like doing lots of lines.
        Sister Adair is amazing at coming up with cute or useful or fun - or multiples of the preceding - crafts that cost practically nothing.  The flag blocks were $1. 
      I had a pleasant time visiting with the other sisters at my work table.  Nothing earth shaking, just a nice chance to chat.
      When he arrived, Andrew asked me if I was glad I came.  My answer was not highly enthusiastic, but yes, I am.  It is good to connect a little with the other women.  Commiserate, laugh, relax together.   Sometimes that is enough.

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  1. It was good to see you there. I taught the class on slow yeast, which is "start" instead of active dry yeast. The benefit of using start is that it rises the dough slower, breaking down more of the gluten that's bothering people these days. You can use it in any bread recipe. I was admiring your cute flag with the three fat stripes. I should make one.