Wednesday, June 19, 2013

What? It's Wednesday?

Usually I go to the temple on Wednesdays.  I feel it gives balance to my week in many ways.  I don't ride my bike to work on temple days. 

Today I did not go to the temple because Andrew and I were sitting on an Eagle Board of Review this evening.  So I rode my bike to work.

This messed me up.  It also reminded me of one of the reasons I go to the temple and do not ride my bike on Wednesdays.  Wednesday is garbage day on much of T street.  Dodging garbage cans is not the best part of bike riding. 

Since I rode my bike to work, it didn't feel like Wednesday.  Also, because I need to bring some taco-ground beef to work for a potluck on Thursday, I kept thinking about Thursday.  So, pretty soon, it started to feel like Thursday. 

Which is disappointing because tomorrow is not Friday.

But, Andrew and I had the privilege of participating in an Eagle board and seeing how a fine boy is becoming a fine man.  And tomorrow we are having a taco bar at work.

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