Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Star Struck

I don't follow celebrities and couldn't tell one from another most of the time, but today I put in my 2 cents worth about what I am hearing about a couple of them. 

    Angelina Jolie recently made a personal decision to have a double mastectomy  based on her own and her family history, her genetics, and her concern for her children.  She shared the decision publicly so that other women would be more aware, learn more and consider their own options.  She did not tell anyone else how to run their lives.  Now some people are criticizing her and calling her decision not brave but fear-based.  I think they should butt out.   I respect her right to choose for herself and I respect her decision.  Even more I appreciate her willingness to talk about a private matter openly so she can help other women make their own choices.

    Paula Deen admitted that she used a racially insulting term DECADES ago.  I have heard a lot about her admitting it and apologizing.  I have not heard what the circumstances were, whether it was habitual or a one time thing - although I get the impression it was not the way she usually talked.   More recently she said something about it being hard to see a dark skinned person against a dark background very well.  Oh, the outrage!  I do not think that we are really supposed to be color BLIND and pretend that we do not see a person's skin color at all.  We are what we are. and that's fine.  We are not supposed to judge people by their color or treat them with any less (or more)  respect.   I am pretty sure if everyone was fired who had EVER said a thoughtless,  insensitive thing about another person, not very many people would have jobs.  Admittedly my sensibilities are probably different because I am not, nor ever have been black, but it seems to me that there is a lot of over-reacting going on.  How does she treat and talk about people NOW? 

   I am astounded at the evil and cruelty that seems to be accepted by society and then the things that people pounce on to attack. 


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