Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Party Girl?

There is a fairy tale about a king who had several daughters who were always tired and whose new shoes were always worn out in the morning.  He eventually learned that they were sneaking out and dancing all night.

My Goldie, my car, has been showing up with a dead battery even though the AAA road guy said the battery and the alternator are good.  Two Saturdays in a row we have gotten in the car to do errands only to be non-starters.  Then we plugged in our little charger and were good to go in time for church.

This morning Sylvia, my bike, hopped on the back of Goldie and we dropped Goldie off at the shop.  The battery IS good.  The alternator IS good.  What is funky is a switch in the door that is supposed to turn the radio off when the door opens.  huh?  that has never happened as long as I have had this little car.  Eventually, after about 15 minutes the car computer turns the radio off.

Well, Jimmy at the car shop says that it is quite possible that the whack-a-ding door switch has been turning the radio off and on when the car was parked.  While I have been sleeping, or off at work slaving away to pay for gas and oil, Goldie may have been having private parties. 

Jimmy is going to replace the door switch and (nearly blinded drivers of Goldie will be glad to know) the inefficient wiper blades.   Should be less than $150.

The party is over, little girl!

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