Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Things She Never Told Me!

   In the what? 7 ? years I have had her, I oft lamented that Goldie, unlike her predecessor Jade, never mentioned that you (that is to say I) had left the key in the ignition or the lights on when exiting the driver's side.  This resulted in more than a few AAA roadside calls -  especially in the early years and the first bit of shorter daylight hours more than one year.  
    Last week after a spell of unexplained battery failures, Jimmy at Cozz's discovered a faulty switch in the door. 
    Now, amazing thing, when the driver's door opens, Goldie signals if there is a key in the ignition or if the lights are on and the radio turns off.  I never knew that Goldie was not entirely herself all this time. 
    I wonder what else I am clueless about.  (Don't be mean)

1 comment:

  1. Boulders and Bubbles, possibly. I think most of us are unaware of those.