Tuesday, April 6, 2010

We the People - my politcal rant

My response to a friend who wrote "We do have a corrupt government."

We certainly do have corruption in our government. Unfortunately, I think we (as a people) have the government we deserve and have chosen.  I firmly believe our government was established by inspiration and that there is much that is good. I also believe that many of our problems are because we are an uninformed, lazy electorate.  I know that I am.  We really cannot solely blame the politicians nor the media.  We put them in power and keep them in power. We should keep an eye on them.  Write to them often.  Vote in trustworthy individuals and vote out those that disappoint.  Still, I find that too many Americans like to complain and protest without accepting responsibility as citizens.

Of course being informed is much easier said than done! I find that I am so busy and so tired, it is hard to become educated. When I try to read up, it just hurts my head.  Even more, where does one find an honest fair report or evaluation?  All the ranting and screaming on both sides repulses me and does not truly inform. I get scads of political emails, but pretty much all total rants - no balance, no perspective.  One side thinks the other side is in league with the devil.  The other side thinks the first side are imps from *heck* (as Ben says). Each side claims they and only they have America's interest at heart.  I cannot stomach reading or listening to the hateful bias from either side.

Besides being too long without really saying much. Who has time or fortitude to wade through all this garbage?

Excuses, I know. 

I actually believe that many politicians do care about America and Americans and have the same ultimate goals, but disagree strongly on technique and method.  I do not truly believe that all Democrats want to turn the country socialist nor that all Republicans care only for the rich and big companies. I wish they would all stop calling each other names and voting the party line, and instead, sit down, find out what they do agree on and start from there. 

If I ruled the government:
*Laws would have to be simple and single purpose.  No mixing purposes, hiding pork, etc.  Each law would do one understandable thing.
*Our representatives would pass the parts they agree on and then work on the other parts bit by bit.
*We would have legislative review committees whose purpose is to evaluate laws already on the books and present obsolete or outdated laws for revision or repeal. (I am not worried about the you cannot dance with a chicken downtown on Tuesdays kind of laws. - I made that one up, but you know what I mean)
*Legislators would have to stay on the job.  Campaign on their own time, not when they are supposed to be doing the job we elected them to. 

Break is over.  Back to earning an honest living.

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  1. I'm with you, Barbara. I have to catch myself constantly and remind myself that I am also part of the problem, but this government administration is corrupt (and not just this one, either). The Founding Fathers knew the all-consuming lust for power, whether it is for money or ideology, that is inherent in each of us. I firmly believe that if we return to the Constitution, strictly and firmly, a lot of our problems will be solved. Easier said than done.