Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A New Day

A New Day
No Seminary this week. I slept in until 5:45 this morning. Happy sigh.

I rode my bike to work for the first time in a good while. For the first time wearing a skirt. And Took a different route. Shorter and less steep hills, but much more traffic. Today was a light traffic day, too. I don't know if I want to ride it when traffic is heavy or visibility limited. The bike lane keeps just disappearing.
In one spot, the bike lane shifts to the left of the right turn lane then evaporates leaving the bicycler in the middle of the street.

I took yet a different route home part of the way.

Having safely arrived at work, I found an email from the boss telling me to move to my new work station. Some fun trying to figure out what to do with my accumulation of stuff in a smaller cubicle. No more working in a "fishbowl" but goodbye to open space, friendly passers-by, and my cube buddies. I'll save some money, though. Since I got there I have kept candy on my front counter for my coworkers. I don't have a front counter any more. I am not going to spend $20 a month to keep candy on the front desk when I don't get to see the people.

New cozy cube, new phone number, new duties.

Not a new computer though. I asked a co-worker to move my CPU for me. And my moniter. My boss got upset a little. She hadn't wanted equipment moved. I don't think she was so much upset because of mine,
although she did scold a little. T who just vacated my new cube went to another unit in our office. Her computer got put in her new cube. (She is on vacation) The computer from that cube got put at my old
desk. The problem? A good computer left our unit and a lame computer came in. My boss had those two switched again, she did not want to get saddled with the lame computer! Which is supposed to go to IT for an overhaul of sone kind. But she didn't make me give mine back. Sigh of relief.

What I need is to get new pictures in there. Granddaughter Aurora is a baby in a basket in her family picture. Now she is a lively preschooler.

Moving was hard emotionally. I am not always great with change. I didn't like leaving my place. I left some of my pictures (torn from calendars) because I don't have a lot of room. They are where I will see them when I leave and where I hope it will not occur to my replacement to take them down. They are not technically in my old cube, but on a wall above it. I said I would leave them if they won't get thrown away. My cube mate said he's not taking them down. I left my framed Parks mission statement that it took me over a year to get.
No room in the cube and it seems like a front desk thing. I am going  to miss my front desk friends, especially my cube mates.

on the flip side, it would have been bad form to nap on break at the front desk, I can at my new cube. And whoever it is who sometimes complains to my boss that I use the computer for private use (on break as my boss knows and as pretty much everyone does) will not see it so readily. Good-bye "fishbowl".

Hello Area 51. I posted Area 51 Restricted Access signs outside my cubicle. Unauthorized Trespassing Prohibited (authoriaed trespassing, maybe) Beyond This Point (elsewhere, perhaps) Photography Prohibited. (absolutely) Use of Deadly Force Authorized.(me against you NOT you against me)

If I don't go to sleep, I will self-destruct. All systems are shutting down.

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