Friday, March 19, 2010

Done and Not

A busy and I thought productive day, but my list of things done is not as long as my things to do that are not done!  sigh.

Drove Benjamin to and from Seminary and walked the dog during. Changed the bird cage bottom.  Cleaned the cat box.  Made breakfast for the week at work.  Went to Home Depot and bought $50 worth of dirt, bought contact paper at the 99cent Store and Raleys. Set aside and started to clean a bucket for Benjamin to use on his Pioneer Trek in June. Put contact paper and holes in a motley collection of laundry & cat litter buckets. Filled with mix of compost & potting soil. Transplanted (5) green beans, (6) peas, a squash,  a couple of cucumbers & some sad little beets. Added some marigolds. I hope some of our babies survive! The rest of our seedlings just don't look big enough or strong enough to even try. I hope they come along - at least some of them! Washed 2 loads of clothes, and a couple of sink worths of dishes.  Made oven fried chicken and mashed potatoes, artichoke for me, salad and corn for the guys.  Mowed weeds in the back yard while the chicken cooked.  Sent an announcement about my new Odd Wednesday Knit/Crochet group to the RS presidency for approval.  Found out my son and his wife will be in town overnight (thanks to Facebook!) and invited them and the Sacramento kids to breakfast tomorrow before we Sacramentans go to CPR Saturday.

Did NOT get done:
Clean out the freezer which builds up frost until it pops open (every very few weeks) except now we have a latch on it, but it is pushing on the latch and making icicles - not good - definitely past due for defrosting and too full to make it very easy!  Have not hung up or folded the one load of clothes I did put in the dryer.  Another load waits in the dryer and will all need to be hung up.  The towels need washing. (no doubt among other things).  Did not do any housework except a few dishes.  The house needs vacuuming!  The bathrooms could use cleaning.  Let us not talk about MY room!  Put my new registration tag on my car.  or gas it.  Take old magazines to donate to Kaiser waiting rooms, or old bio-hazard material (used diabetes testing supplies) to turn in to Kaiser lab, OR by a pedometer my missionary son requested before Christmas last year which I now want to finally send him for his half-way mark. Or order the replacement shoes he needs.  Or order the cap for Benjamin to wear on the Pioneer Trek. Sort my medications for the week.  (Didn't do it last weekend either, my grace period is now about up.) OR MOST IMPORTANTLY prepare the Sunday School lesson I must teach (Sunday, of course) (Joseph and his jealous brothers and Potipher's wife. fun)

Tomorrow morning - breakfast for the kids and CPR Saturday.  Late in the afternoon, the guys go to Alice In Wonderland (in 3D) with their dad.  I will gas the car, MAYBE do my Kaiser errands, and WORK ON THAT SS LESSON!)

NOW, family prayer, scriptures and bed.  Maybe a shower would be good to get in there before bed. 


  1. I always find kids are fascinated with Potipher's wife. LOL. What age do you teach, and how did it go??

    No matter how much I get done, there is always more to do....:D

    Keep your chin up, you are doing a fabulous job!!

  2. I TRY to make my "to do today" lists very reasonable, so I don't discourage myself. Everything else is "to do soon" or "to do sometime". You can never get everything that needs to be done finished in one day!

  3. You are amazing at what you DO get's just hard sometimes to see the doughnut instead of the hole in the middle, or at least notice the doughnut is bigger than the hole! I think the 'more to do' aspect of life can keep us moving could get very boring if we accomplished everything, everyday!

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