Wednesday, March 10, 2010

How Does My Garden Grow?

better than I expected so far!

Friday,the 5th 
We had the missionaries and Hinds to supper (at the same time! - chicken enchiladas, Ruth brought brownies and ice cream.   (Miriam was having chicken enchiladas at Debi’s and meeting Betty, Debi’s new dog.) Ruth checked out our little seed center by the front window and  was the first to spot sprouts - peas and a cucumber.  Pretty exciting!

Sunday, the 7th  More tiny sprouts: green bean, cauliflower, Swiss chard. The Burpee (if I remember right) system with the watering mat is leading the cheaper system. I don't THINK it's rhe compost soil slowing them down. 

Monday, the 8th  
Me: "oh, no! We are actually going to have plants. I wasn't expecting that!" 
Joseph: "I warned you!"

The average date of last frost is March 22.
My little green beans are too tall for the little plastic cover over the seed starter kit.  Way too tall.

I need to find buckets and get them ready.  I don't think I have enough compost.  I may have to BUY dirt.  

I hope we actually make it to harvest with something.

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