Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Sad Yarn

Saturday, Benjamin and I went out to the Farmer’s Market by Country Club Plaza.  Your sisters go regularly – Miriam to this one – and say it is great - Better than store prices and fresh.  We got some Swiss chard, tomatoes, and spaghetti squash.  We also went over to Michaels and bought yarn for Naomi's blanket – officially ‘orchid’ a light purple  for the main part, variegated for the end and I decided to do one row of (left-over) pink at the very end because the variegated has a lot of blue and I wanted to up the girly factor.

I worked on the blanket during church and got a good start.  We put on some movies and I did a good bit more. I had at about 15 inches. Then! I realized that the blanket was not as wide as Esther’s or Jared’s.  I sat and was sad for awhile.  Then I ripped it all out.  2 ½  skeins worth.  ; (    

Also, decided I need more variegated.  I was going to use half a skein at each end, but it makes a pretty narrow band.  But I don't have to rush to Michael's immediately.  I don't need the other skein until I get to the other end of the blanket again.

Tuesday evening the Relief Society had their birthday dinner and I was able to crochet an inch or two.  It is hard to tell if it is the right width until I have done a good bit because it is zig zag and it takes a little bit to settle into shape.  

Good thing I have until July.

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  1. Oh, that's too bad you had to start over! She probably wouldn't have cared if it was a different size--at least for a few years, anyway!