Thursday, March 4, 2010

And I Thought 144 Was Gross!

Most days, I sortofwatch / listen to podcasts of the previous day's (or few days ago) news at work on my iPod Touch.  Just before my lunch break (bad timing!!) I 'watched' a segment on bathtub toys.

I hope this link works!  Every parent should know.

They tested apparently clean bathtub toys and found them absolutely teeming with germs including e-coli and staph.  The worst toys are the ones with holes in them.  You know the ones you like to squirt water at your baby with.  Inside they looked like a sewer pipe.  Bath water grows germs.  And get this, your toilet throws germs when it is flushed.  (I am re-thinking where I have my wash cloth and face towel!)

They suggested:
Do not keep toys with holes in them. 
Let your toys air dry after each use.
Clean them with rubbing alcohol or some other germ killer.  - I can't remember if that was an each use recommendation.
Store your toys in a covered area - where the toilet can't spray them.


  1. They recommend you clean kid's toys of all kinds regularly with bleach to kill all the bad stuff.

  2. Also, keep your toothbrushes stored where they are covered, or with covers, or at least 6 feet away from the toilet. YUCK!!!

    Another reason why toilet lids should be CLOSED when not in use. Close, then flush. ;)