Tuesday, March 2, 2010

That's Gross

Benjamin sifted more compost and finished filling our little seed cells.

For Home Evening, he and I stuck seeds in dirt.  Joseph went into hiding until we were done. His main contribution is to keep asking what are we going to do with all these plants.  My response is, "You seem to think they are actually going to grow."  Joseph: "Well, we should have a plan B."

Two sets of 72 little seed cells in two seed starter systems - one with its own growing medium - not nearly as nice as our compost dirt!! - and a wet mat for easy and consistant watering.  Thats 144! 

We have no plan.  Joseph and I had randomly purchased seeds.  As it turns out, 12 packets.  So Benjamin and I planted 6 of each system with each kind of seed.  Sitting on a table by the front room window.   No planning.  We will just see what happens. 

If we do get little seedlings, we will try to figure out what to do with them.  I would like a garden box. (like Ruth)  But 1) who is going to make it and 2) where would we put it?  The backyard gets almost no sun.  I am thinking that we are going to use laundry buckets as planters  and line them up along the driveway/fence line.  I have a few buckets, but not enough for 144 plants of any kind.  Which means I need to do a lot more laundry. 

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  1. Oh, mom, you've got to listen to Mel (author of square foot gardening)!! Only plant what you will eat, and as much as you will eat. Otherwise, you're making more work for yourself than you need to. lol That's okay.

    Yeah, I think the laundry bucket idea is a good one! Each one is about a foot in diameter, right? So, in each bucket, plant a crop. Use the SFG book to find plant spacings to see how many plants will fit in the bucket.

    If you end up having too many plants that grow, you can always share them. (Can I put dibs on extra tomatos and bell peppers now? lol)

    Since they will be on the front driveway, it will be easy to check on them often. :)