Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Guys I Know

Last night I attended an Eagle Court of Honor. Last Sunday and again today I sat on Boards of Review for young men advancing in Scouting - from a 12 year old earning 2nd Class to an older boy earning his 3rd  Eagle Palm.

I know the most remarkable young men!

What makes them so different from the poor lost souls you so often see on the streets or hear about on the news? They are blessed with good families, the gospel of Jesus Christ, and Boy Scouting.

I often wonder why more people do not support Boy Scouts. Why don't more people encourage the boys in their lives to join Scouting? Scouting really helps boys become good men while having a good time.

If you have a young man that's important to you, support Scouting. If you want to help ensure America's future, support Scouting.

I believe in Scouting. I also have a testimony of the Lord Jesus Christ and his restored gospel in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter- Day Saints. And loving families are very good things, too.

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  1. I used to want to be a Boy Scout. They did all the cool stuff and had an excuse to use power tools. When I got older, I really admired the guys who stuck it out and earned their Eagle Scout awards. They always seemed so much more mature to me.