Thursday, February 25, 2010

Don't Count Your Chickens

Another impromtu staff meeting - Apparently, there has been a change in policy somewhere so that now Accounting Technicians can lateral into Accountant I without testing or taking the classes required to qualify for the test.  Who knew?  Certainly not most of us Accounting Technicians nor our bosses.  Or some of us would have gotten promotions long ago.

Well, one person somehow knew.  Also found out about the office shuffle which did not include her -  in part because she has not taken the classess and the Accountant I test. She is also pretty big with the union.   She has expressed an interest in the Accountant 1 position.  So now we have a game of Musical Chairs - more people playing than chairs available.  The new contender's identity has not been revealed, but some of us have our suspicions of who fits the profile.

So, now in addition to 1) responding to the announcement of the job openings and 2) submitting our applications - which I did - we will be having real interviews on Monday. 

Based on our conjecture, it is my position that is most threatened.  The boss's boss says not to be alarmed, but, do well on the interview. 


  1. I've been catching up a little on your blog. You have a great blog. Good luck with the position!

  2. Now I am biting my nails. Yikes. Will you find out who threw their hat into the ring late?? Make sure you post Monday night what happens.

    I agree with boss's boss. Don't stress it, but be yourself and let your shining personality, and capabilities shine thru. Many prayers for you, my dear friend.

    Oh, we are taking a road trip this summer to see Bill's sister in Washington. I mentioned I would like to swing by the capitol and see you for a few minutes. So, we will see. If you are up to a visit from some SoCal saints. :D

    Ugh, I see if I sign out I lose my comment,and since I will never remember exactly what I said....Just know it is I, Pam, from the south, and ignore the ward siggy. :D