Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Latest Dirt - Upside Down Bird Cage and Old Window Screen

You may recall that a couple of weeks ago (or was it more?!), Joseph and I went on a small seed buying spree at Winco and also bought a seed starter system sans dirt. "We have plenty of compost," says he. 'Tis true. But somehow between this and that we have not managed to toddle around to the compost pile and transfer dirt to system. Yesterday the sun came out again and so did we.

We shoveled aside more recent contributions to get down to some real dirt. Not everything breaks down at the same rate - and some things don't break down at all. Our compost, at least, needs sifting. What to use? We turned an old bird cage upside down and shoveled in the compost. That worked. Sifted out sticks, a yellow plastic spoon, a broken red handled knife. Now our dirt needed fine sifting. An old window screen does a great job, although slowly. Benjamin sifted while Joseph and I broke up the last downings of Benjamin's one branch at a time tree felling project. When our time was up, about half our little
seed cells were full of (hopefully rich) beautiful soft dirt.

Hopefully, we will get our seeds planted before tine for fall harvest.

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  1. Good luck. I have read about and thought about but have not actually started composting and growing seeds. I am excited to see how yours turn out!