Friday, February 19, 2010

Personal Key

“Learn to pray. Pray often. Pray in your mind, in your heart. Pray on your knees. Prayer is your personal key to heaven. The lock is on your side of the veil. And I have learned to conclude all my prayers with ‘Thy will be done’ (Matthew 6:10; see also Luke 11:2; 3 Nephi 13:10).”
Boyd K. Packer, “Prayer and Promptings,” Ensign, Nov. 2009, 46

I 'say' my prayers often, but how often do I really pray?

Talk to your best friend.  Listen to your wisest adviser.  Confide in the one who loves you most.

I need to and want to learn to be more like Tevye and really talk to God.

So, one wonders why don't I?  What's stopping me? 

Resolving (again) to do better.

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