Wednesday, February 10, 2010

10 Feb 10 - comfort zone challenged

Wednesday, February 10.  Fun to write if you do it this way -  10 Feb 10 -
Wow! I can do that several times this year. ; ) (with minor variations, of course)

Today my co-worker, Mary suggested that I try for a promotion (and a job change) in my bigger office, but out of my unit.  I have been messed up all day thinking about it.  I am slightly afraid of going for it and failing - embarrassing myself.  I may be even more afraid of going for it and succeeding - then failing when I get myself in a job with more responsibility and stress.  I am also afraid of  change - I really like my boss; I like my cube and my cube mates.  I made a number of dumb mistakes today because I was so rattled.  I posted about it on Facebook and got some very kind and encouraging words from my friends.  Much appreciated.

I will need to take a test to get on an available list.  Fortunately it is an on-line test.  Mostly self-rating experience and abilities.  argh.  Rachel who is a very smart and capable young lady only ranked level 4.  I think you have to make level 3 to apply for the position.  I do not think she undersold her abilities.  In fact, her father helps write these tests and helped her understand the questions and decide what to put down for herself on each one.  If she only made level 4, I would be totally astounded to do better.   But I suppose it doesn’t hurt much more than my pride to try and there is a certain amount of non-pride in being too scared to try.  So, I suppose I shall. 


  1. It is always scary to try something new and especially to put yourself "out there" like that, but I think it's great that you are going to at least try! You may very well surprise yourself! And if not, I don't think it's failure to not get the position, you shouldn't feel embarrassed about it. Only one person will get it, the rest will not. And if you are one who doesn't, you have a great job, great boss, etc. right where you are. Nothing to lose. :)

    And since we aren't supposed to be prideful, losing your pride isn't such a bad thing, is it? ;)

  2. I'm glad you're giving it a shot!

    Do you know much about the unit you would be working in if you got the job?