Monday, February 15, 2010

Warm Frost Welcome

 I have been feeling badly about not managing to get a package out to Andrew since Christmas. Saturday was do or die day. I baked some brownies, stirred up a big batch of Ranger cookies and started baking. I had baked a few sheets of cookies when suddenly the oven door handle came off in my hand! The inside part of the door sprang shut. The outside and the top dropped to the floor. The handle has often come loose and we have had to tighten the screws (bolts?)   Last time Joseph had mentioned that he feared that the screw holes were getting  stripped. He appears to have been right.  Cookie baking stopped. The oven turned off. I called Sears. No parts here in Sacramento. I had to order a new handle. It will come around the 22nd. When the oven cooled, Benjamin managed to put it together again for now. And, fortunately, I had enough cookies to put in a package which I actually got to the post office.

Later, after the oven cooled, Benjamin managed to unbend a part that had bent out of shape and put the oven door back together.  The handle is loose again already (Monday) so I am glad the new part will be coming.

My mother's mother's 'baby brother' and his wife invited the Sacramento contingent over  for dessert. When I called Kathryn to be sure she really wanted all 9 of us to invade her little home, I mentioned my oven mishap. She insisted I bring the dough to finish baking the cookies at her house.

Not only did we go for dessert, but around 4 they called and invited the boys and I to join them for Chinese. They order take out and always have enough for 3 days. It was delicious!  Later the rest of the kids came and we had Costco chocolate cake and ice cream.  Family stories. Work stories. Esque is a war buff - lots of war memoriblia - helmets, swords, books, movies. 

Kathryn asked Esther if she is in kindergarten. Esther answered no. Kathryn said, 'Not yet?' at the same time Esther added ' I am in first grade.' Kathryn said, 'Oh, I'm sorry.' Esther said, 'That's ok, you don't need to be embarrassed.'

Kathryn gave the kids  stuffed Mickey and Minnie Mouse (mice?) as big as they are and a 'Fox In Sox' book and Matchbox car.

The others left  at a reasonable hour to get the kids home to bed.  We stayed a bit longer, then started to leave.  Which meant Kathryn and I talked out by the car and the guys talked in the house for well over an hour.  Maybe two?

We love each other and enjoy each other's company. One wonders why we let so much time go by between visits.

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  1. That's how we feel about the family here. Finally, we are starting to see the Hills frequently! But for years, it was just once or twice a year. We need to get better about the Davich's, we still only see them 2-3 times a year. :S

    Glad you guys had such a great time, we miss them. Wish we could have heard all of Esque's stories! :)