Thursday, March 18, 2010

Egress and Ingress

Ever since 9/11 the back door of the building has been posted "Emergency Use Only" and equipped with an alarm beep.  Numerous office workers have considered getting out as quickly as possible to catch their bus or train home an emergency. After a time another sign appeared - something like "Please Leave Securely Closed" implying, we assumed, on your way out. The alarm still beeped. Now the alarm no longer beeps - taken out or worn out?

Another surprise upon leaving the building - SUNSHINE!  Daylight savings time coincided with the end of a rainy grey period. The change is almost shocking.

Everyone who works in the building has an ID badge which is to be on you at all times and displayed when entering the building. Mine is in my wallet in my purse. I have gotten it out for random Regional Transit ticket checks - I put my RT pass in back of my badge - than for building security. I just smile at the guards and go in. Some, of course, recognize me by now, but even ones who look new to me simply nod or ignore me. Especially when there are lots of us coming in at once. Makes one wonder a little about all the "security measures" in our society.. Still, every now and then you see someone who has worked here for years wearing a "Visitor" sticker because they forgot their ID.

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  1. We recently have had a policy change in our building. Now even people the guard has known for years must show ID upon entering the building. Will it last? I may not know. I have now been trained to get out my ID as soon as I lock my bike and before I go in.