Sunday, June 20, 2010

Corn Dogs, Police Dogs, Frisby Dogs and more

Debi and her Great Dane Chloe, Miriam, Benjamin, Esther, Jared and I went to Pet-a-palooza at Rusch Park in Carmichael Saturday. 

We hardly got in the car before the kids informed us that they were hungry.  No lunch.  When we first talked about going, somebody had suggested that we bring a picnic, but we never got ourselves together on that so we didn't. Nobody told Ruth.  Benjamin and I had not had time to eat between setting up chairs at church and meeting up with the others.  We thought we would be fine after just chugging a glass of milk before leaving.  Until we smelled the BBQs going at the event.

The first order of business, then, was to find something we could afford to eat.  We each got a corn dog.  I haven't had a corn dog in ages.  It seems like just the thing for walking around a fair-like atmosphere. 

There were lots of animal related booths/vendors.  Adoptions, pet supplies, groomiers, sitters. you name it.  Representatives from Star Eco Station were there.  One of them knows Sedgewick (the blue fronted Amazon parrot that I inherited and who taught me that I am not a good parrot person - they need way more attention than I could give- and whom I was lucky to have placed in their educational facility) and Gus (the parrot my aunt and uncle donated).  Anyway, this young fellow knows Sedgewick and Gus and says they are doing very well.

There were hydration stations for the dogs with wading pools and drinking bowls.  People had to go to a vendor and buy water or whatever.  I had one bottle of water that we shared and drained to the last.  Never found a drinking fountain.  There was a swimming pool for dogs to dive in - for a fee.

A group that Miriam and Debi really like - Bare Naked Ladies performed.  Including one of our favorites "If I Had a Million Dollars."

We watched a police dog demonstration and six frisby catching Australian shepherds.

For me the most fun was just seeing all the different dogs who had come to the event with their people.  I don't know how many breeds we saw from tiny, tiny Chihuahuas to Irish Wolfhounds, and off course, all-American dogs.  There were two other Harlequin Danes.  There are a lot of great dogs.

I am always looking at little dogs, because my next dog MUST be a small dog (or at least medium small) for my old age  and declining ability to carry my dog when she is old and needs help.  (I do not know WHAT Anna and I are going to do when that dread day comes.)  So far I am really only liking poodles which Debi is absolutely against. (Not that she gets to choose!)  She kept pointing out little dogs, but cute as they might be, they were clearly not my dog.  The Westie has possibilities, maybe.

We had a good time and nobody got sunburned.  ; )

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  1. I am trying to decide if another dog is what I want. Delilah is never lonely, and thinks she is one of the kids. I am not sure she even knows she is a dog. But, I think she might like a friend. Still debating.

    Sounds like you had a great time, though. I don't think I could eat a corndog, even under those circumstances. :D