Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Working out is not working out

Nice surprise for me!  Debi had to come downtown on an errand for work.  She called and arranged to pick me up for lunch.  We went to Johnny Rocket’s and had hamburgers.  Her treat.  Sweet!

Of course, Tuesday and Thursday are supposed to be my gym days (with other days ‘optional’), but lunch with Debi is a very rare delight.

Not only did I not go to the gym, I had American fries.

I don’t think 24 Hour Fitness and I are going to last.  I do feel good after I go, but I don’t much enjoy going. And I have time management problems.  Last Wednesday, was a non-knit night (say that several times quickly.  Then say ‘Feed friends feasts of flan in Flin Flon’.  How about ‘Sariah says "sit silently, sister!"’  or ‘Debi doesn’t dare deny David donuts.’  ‘Just Joseph and Jared jump joyfully’ ‘Esther eats Easter eggs easily.’   Ok, ok, I’ll stop now.)  Anyway, Wednesday, being a non-knit night (Now, don’t let’s start that again) I was ‘supposed’ to go work out while Benjamin was in YM. Instead, I stayed in work (instead of work out) clothes and hoped to catch the Stake Secretary to get an appointment with a member of the Stake Presidency to re-new my temple recommend (it's a religious thing.  Stake is roughly equivalent to a diocese, I think. Only members 'in good standing' go inside the temple.  To show that you are in good standing you obtain a recommend by being interviewed by a member of the Bishopric - the Bishop is like the priest of our congregation, he and his two counselors constitute the bishopric -and by a member of our Stake Presidency - who is head of a diocese? I forget) .  He wasn’t at the church, so I went shopping instead.  Mostly at the 99 cent store and then at Raleys – looking for red, white, and/or blue things that might be fun and/or useful to send to a certain missionary.   I already missed Memorial Day and couldn’t it  get there in time for Flag Day, but it should make it in plenty of time for the Fourth of July.   I took the risk of mailing it (on furlough Friday) directly to where he is instead of the mission home hundreds of miles away.  I figure at a motel, someone will be there to take the mail.

I wanted to send some party snaps, but didn't think that would pass customs.  They are very serious and not very fun people.

So, I didn’t work out Wednesday.  Nor did I go to the gym Furlough Friday – although the guys and I did ride bikes to Bel Air (about 2 miles round trip).  And I did not go to the gym Saturday.  Too many other things to do and too little time – and desire.

I told myself that I was definitely going to go at least on Tuesday and Thursday lunch and try to work in some other times.  You see how well that is going.  I am going to try to go at least some times during the time I have already paid for .  And I HOPE that it does me some good.  Biking to work regularly should help some.  I will not continue the month-to-month membership.  $$$!  And at the moment I rather doubt that I will invest in the 2 year membership.  Maybe, but. maybe not.

However,  I had better do something!  sigh

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  1. Your schedule is really tough. It's simply not worth it if you aren't going to be able to go. :S I guess, just finish out the rest of what you paid for and if things don't change, don't renew. :S