Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Chain of Thought

There's a lot of complaining going on about the blurred holidays.   Frankly all the complaining bothers me much more than what is happening in the stores.  Frankly, I don't spend that much time in stores.  I think the stores may be a little silly.  I know people who plan/shop/prepare for Christmas all year long - I keep intending to be one of them - without the stimulus of Christmas decor.

Then,too, I am a bit guilty of blurring the holidays myself.  Shortly after Halloween, I start my Thankful Chain.  We have been doing this at home for years.  It is fun to see how far around the (interior) house we can get our chain to run.  We write down things we are thankful for - big or small, "silly" or serious.  But we write them on red, white and green paper links. So they are Christmassy decorations.  And, as my children will attest, I have emotional difficulties taking down the chain.  It has been known to stay up well into the next year until it starts to die a natural death.

This year I have started a chain at work.  My chain at work is actually at this point longer than our chain at home. But then I do spend more of my waking hours there.

Yes, this is my cubicle and you can see one reason I make my minimalist supervisor crazy but she is learning to ignore it or at least not say anything. 

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  1. Haha wow you have so much more stuff than me! ;)