Thursday, November 3, 2011

You Go, Girl!

My daughter got a 2 week layoff notice last Friday. Not good news.  Single, homeowner, “mom” to two dogs.
She went to her sister’s house and cried on her shoulder.  She huddled under the blankets and felt sick – she hadn’t been feeling well, anyway.  She had her siblings over for a movie night.  Her sister stayed over with her.  Ok, she felt sorry for herself a little.  On Friday.

Over the weekend she did things that make her happy.  Saturday morning they went to the pumpkin patch with another sister’s family.  Three kids in a pumpkin patch will lift your spirits.  In the afternoon they went to Apple Hill with the guys and me.  Beautiful day.

Sunday she spent some time with friends.

Monday morning was time to get back to work and she hit the ground running.  She is still working her last two weeks at her current job, but she immediately updated her résumé, started making contacts, and checking resources. She has her network on the look-out for her.  By Wednesday she had at least one interview lined up.  

I admire how she is handling this challenge.  A little time feeling bad, some time doing things that make her happy, and then working hard and creatively at job hunting, doing everything she can think of and getting suggestions from others.  

She doesn’t even get irritated with me when I send her far-fetched job opportunities. (I pass on pretty much every job opportunity I hear about no matter what it is to a handful of job seekers in my circle and to employment specialists at my church – you never know).  (at least she doesn’t say so).  

I am impressed by her coping skills and positive fighting spirit, her organization, her hard work.  If I were an employer, I would want to hire someone with that kind of gumption.  (As well as brilliant, keenly observant, fun, detail oriented, responsible, et cetera, et cetera.


  1. Miriam is also awesome, but the lay off saga is Debi's.

    She had a telephone interview on Friday and within the hour a call back to arrange an in house interview next week.

    Like Debi said, "The power of positive thinking and working hard! :)"

  2. Gotta be hard, as a mom, I know it would be for me as a dad. Can't even kiss it better :(

  3. The first few days were hard and worrisome, then I was just so proud as I saw her go into action. As hard as these economic/job times are, I will be surprised if she collects any unemployment. This girl is super on the ball.

    I was proud, too, of how she handled her time to have a pity party and time to pick herself up. She didn't stay down. She had her "moment" then she got moving. First, emotional pick-me-up, then working on her job hunting.

    There are others that are hard to observe. sigh