Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Some Like It Hot

All day snacking potluck in my unit today.  Great minds must think alike.  Crackers & cheese, baguettes & dip.  

My (East Indian) super brought some vegetable dish & was trying to persuade me to try some.   I had already heard her & a co-worker discussing it so I knew it was spicy.  She said, "Oh it's not very spicy. You should try a little."  I have learned better than that, partly from our dear Laotian friends at church.  “Oh, it’s not very spicy – only a little”
And then, if you are foolish enough to believe them, you burn.  Shall I say perceptions differ and I don’t go for spicy.   

I stood firm against my supervisor, to her disappointment.  I finally announced that I was the token non-spice person in the unit so that we can have cultural diversity.  (We all know how important cultural diversity is in the workplace and that one must never ever harass someone because they are part of a different group.)  That seemed to stop her. 

Later while she was out, another co-worker stopped at my cube with steam coming out of her ears and told me that I do not want to try it.   : )   oh, surprise

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