Tuesday, May 1, 2012

a bit of hope

My heart is so much lighter!  I found a shop that will look at Sophie.  In Sacramento within biking distance and open until 8 and on Saturdays.  I cannot go tonight as I am donating my life’s platelets at BloodSource late this afternoon (and bringing “We Bought a Zoo” to watch).  Maybe tomorrow if Benjamin has the car and I cannot go to the temple.  Soon I will find out if Sophie can be brought out of her coma!  I miss my computer!

Benjamin worked 10 hours for doing door-to-door for the pest control company.  All he got was a bit of a sunburn.  He is thinking that this might not be for him.  Tonight he works the 10pm - 6am shift at Raley Field.  But at least it is a real job with pay. After this door thing, he appreciates the clean up crew even more.  5 or 6 of them worked all day without a bite.  maybe one nibble.

Andrew will be riding his bike to Elk Grove today (probably has by now) to try his hand at this door-to-door gig.  I admire their willingness to try.

I think Andrew should look into food server jobs.  I actually think he would enjoy serving and I hear that is one of the areas where there may actually be jobs. 

Joseph and Andrew are beginning to consider Accounting as a bread and butter line of work.  I am encouraging it.   Andrew wants to be a writer.  Joseph doesn't really know what he wants to do.  Until then, Accounting is a pretty good area to get work and is  portable.  

Glad to have a job.  Sad breaks are so short!  I hope Sophie gets fixed.

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