Saturday, May 26, 2012

What do I have in common with Barack Obama?

What do I have in common with Barack Obama?

There seems to be some question of my birth and citizenship.

My passport application was not accepted.  They say I was a non-institutional birth.  

I think Benjamin still has my birth certificate from the day we applied.  I need to look at it again. 
Benjamin went to work before 6 this morning and is not home yet. 3:30 pm  Still at work or with his friends??
oh! Here he is, but he says they kept the birth certificates with our applications.  I thought they had looked at the originals and kept copies,but not so.  I am so frustrated!!!

 They gave me two long forms to fill out and said I need to come up with "a combination of early public documents created at the time of your birth."  "All documents submitted to our office must be original or certified."  If they do not have the information within 90 days of May 23 2012, my application will be denied and they will return my evidence AND KEEP MY MONEY. 

My understanding was that I was born in the little hospital on the hill by the highway going through Willits, Mendocino County, CA.  What does the birth certificate say anyway??!  -

They let Barack be President and travel out of the country.  Does he has a passport?

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