Thursday, October 4, 2012

I prefer flats in shoes, but not in tires

Things do not always go exactly as planned.   For instance, this afternoon I was supposed to attend a class at Kaiser learning about insulin for diabetics.  Oh. The. Joy.   But I am at work.  I had planned to bike home during my lunch break, switch to the car & go to my 2pm class.  First, I was in a mandatory meeting that would not quit.  Distracted by the passing time, I formulated Plan B.  Bike to Kaiser.  Do not pass home.  Do not collect Goldie.  I had not wanted to bike because I am not aware of good bicycling roads betwixt here and there, but I figured I could manage.   With barely more than an hour to go (Google maps said it would take a couple minutes more than an hour and I tend to bike slightly slower than they say), I discovered a flat tire.  Still hopeful, I started to make the change.  Alas!  My replacement tube had a Presta valve, my pump is for Shraders (or however you spell it), and I could not find my converter.  A good Samaritan who apparently bikes a lot came along and patched my old tube.  (I didn’t want to because the last couple of times I tried a patch it wouldn’t stick, despite successful past patching).  My supervisor, a co-worker, and the security guard all gathered around.  I thanked my Samaritan, put the tube, tire, wheel back together & pumped it up as best I could (not the desired 100 lbs), & put the wheel back on.  I realized that there was no way I could get to my class on time, so I went back to work and emailed my doctor.  I HOPE my tire is ok for the ride home tonight.   

Dangnabbit,.  These are my expensiver, slower, flat resistant tires.  Flat resistant, not flat proof . sigh

Tomorrow is Conference Food Prep Day.  Looks like I also need to fit in a trip to the bike shop.   New tubes, a new valve converter, and tighten a couple of loose or missing nuts & bolts.

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