Sunday, October 28, 2012

It started out like a normal weekend

     As usual I had way more things I needed and wanted to do than I would be able to accomplish, but I resolved to do my best and accept the rest.  Laundry washed, work breakfast made for the next week, some dishes done.  A bit of a delightful distraction with live stream of a "Time Out for Women" event in Salt Lake City.  Errands/wild goose chase.
      I am chocoholic.  Which is particularly not good for overweight diabetics.  Amberlyn Chocolates makes delicious sugar free chocolates.  Less guilty indulgence.  Can be purchased on-line or at Costco during "Road Shows".  I knew the next one was a weekend near the end of October in Folsom.  So foolishly without double checking my calendar and needing to replenish items we normally get at Costco, we drove out to Folsom.  It's just too bad that we were a week early.  And too late for any samples, too. But we loaded our cart.
     As we were finishing up at Costco we got a phone call.  Miriam needed a blessing and to go to Kaiser.  While out with Debi and the kids (Debi was babysitting while Ruth & Tom were out of town), suddenly Miriam's legs gave out.  When she tried to rise from sitting in a desk in the old schoolhouse in Old Sacramento,  her upper legs hurt and refused to take her weight.  After some time, trial and error, and strategizing, Debi & Miriam were able to get her upright.  Once standing, she could walk.  The weakness in her legs continued.  They had a very difficult time getting her out of the car when they got back to Debi's and off the commode when nature's call was answered.  Hence a call to Kaiser and to us.
      We grabbed some food at In-N-Out, made some phone calls, hurried home, dumped the cold stuff in the fridge, met up with our Home Teacher, and went to Debi's.  Bob Epling (our Home Teacher) and Andrew gave Miram a blessing. Bob took Andrew & Joseph home.  Miriam and I went to Kaiser Emergency. 
      Last week we went to Kaiser Morse Avenue from her place.  This week, from Debi's we went to Kaiser South Sacramento.  Staff at both facilities were helpful, friendly and caring (with the sole exception of the gal that helped Miriam out of the car this trip).  That being said, the Morse Avenue Kaiser ER somehow seemed nicer.  Of course last week, with her throat nearly closed up, we were a much more urgent case and seen more quickly.  The delay this week allowed us to enjoy the 9th inning of the 3rd game of the World Series.  We were especially fortunate to have boy who was a friendly, avid Giants fan watching with us and supplying us with useful and interesting Giants baseball information.  He was great. 
      The timing was perfect.  Shortly after the Giants won the game, Miriam as called in.  Tests were run, exams were made, hours went by.  It was determined that nothing was broken, torn or otherwise damaged.  Miriam was suffering from muscle strain from overexertion.  What with her recent surgery and her chronic conditions, it is easy to do too much.  A muscle relaxer was prescribed and we were released.   We returned to Debi's around quarter to 2.  It took a good half hour to get Miriam out of the car.  We eventually had her put her arms around my neck as I semi-squatted in front of her, then I simply stood up and took her with me.   She had not wanted to do it that way as she didn't want to strain my back.  But it worked.  We had to use that technique a few more times during the night and day.  We both collapsed in Debi's guest room.
       Originally we had planned for the boys and I to pick up the Hinds kids (and Miriam if she felt well enough) for church with our ward's 9am meeting.   When we started the trip to Kaiser, we decided to try for Hinds' ward at 11 instead.  Fortunately, Andrew & Joseph had already talked to David and Teresa about going to church with them.  Between exhaustion and concern about leaving Miriam, I (and therefore the kids) did not make it.  
       Instead, while Miriam was resting, I bought a raised seat for the commode (shopping on Sunday! gasp! ox in the mire you know), went home for a shower & change, and returned.  We rested, ate Debi's good food, enjoyed the kids, and made progress on Miriam's ablility to care for herself.  After dinner, everyone packed up and returned to the Hinds abode where Debi watched over children,  patient,  and "The Nightmare Before Christmas" while waiting for Ruth & Tom's return. 
        I went home, ate left over "chinese", and watched Once Upon A Time. Family prayer, Scriptures, and the weekend was over.
       It will almost be restful to go to work.

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