Friday, October 22, 2004

October 22, 2004 Esther visits Temple Hill

I am feeling rather dull today and anyway there was not much in the way of exciting change to see, so not a lot of pictures and none of them really great, but Esther is cute.

I was surprised when we drove up the hill to see the road ahead to the parking lot blocked.
Instead you turn right along where the front of the temple will be, I think. Actually probably inside the future temple.

The construction super was busy meeting a new project assistant, so we didn't get to visit with him or pick up any news.

And he missed out on meeting Esther, who came up with Joseph, Andrew and I.
Look how tall they are and how small she is.

Esther did meet the two dogs, but I couldn't manage juggling baby, dogs, and camera. What kind of Grandma am I ?

She enjoyed wandering around the grounds a bit. She was mildly displeased that Joseph wouldn't let her eat any acorns, but there was so much to see and so much space to walk around, that she quickly moved on.

She examined the grasses (although it is hard to take a photo of her while holding hands.)

She enjoyed learning to negotiate the parking curbs.

Nothing to it if an uncle will lend a body part to hold.

We couldn't go too close to where they were working, but Esther helped me get this shot of the work at the entrance and parking lot addition.

And this one of the pipes waiting to go in.

Some kind of work is happening over at the tennis courts. It looks like they are removing the lights.

Esther and Andrew on the rock wall which is about where the font will be.

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