Friday, October 1, 2004

October 1, 2004 It is beginning

The first thing I noticed when we arrived at Temple Hill Friday morning, was that the church trailer had been brought up. Unfortunately, they watered the grass plenty, despite Graig telling them not to, and it got bogged down, so it is stuck in the mud in the grass for now at least.

Trees are starting to be cut down where the temple is going in.

I think this tree was cut down by a member who wants to make a wooden chain from it, and also provide firewood for some members.

The old toys are coming down. Holes are being filled in and the ground smoothed in the picnic areas. Rafael, the fellow raking and smoothing, said that he thinks that new picnic tables and toys will be brought in.

The "dirt guy" is studying plans and waiting for his big equipment which is starting to come in.

This is the caretaker's place which will be replaced, as now seen from the Mormon Center Parking lot.

and from it's driveway on the opposite side

The driveway that goes behind Mormon Center to the caretaker's place definitely must go.

What will they do with the Mormon Center patio where so many lovely receptions have been held? Will it stay? Will they still have receptions and dances?

From the area around the fireplace on the patio, looking towards the temple site. What will they do with the volleyball pit where there used to be a swimming pool?

The patio as viewed from the temple site.

Looking across the patio towards the temple site.

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