Friday, September 24, 2004

Temple Hill - week 5

Temple Hill - week 5 - sorry no pictures

posted Friday, 24 September 2004
We made a quick trip to Temple Hill this afternoon in the middle of a very busy day mostly because it is Friday and on Friday we go to Temple Hill. Nothing appears to have changed, which was what we expected.

The construction superintendent, Graig Stones, said "his dirt guy" should be starting Oct 4.

Soon there will be another office trailer up there, for the church representatives.

This time I took Anna. Graig was happy to see her. His dogs, Hercules and Samson, were less thrilled, and made sure that she understood that she was on their territory. After a bit they settled down and were ok with it. Graig invited her to come back every week.

I finally remembered to ask him about Thanksgiving. He will be driving to St George Utah for a mini family reunion. He will see a brother and nieces he hasn't seen for years.

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