Friday, September 17, 2004

Temple Hill - week 4

Temple Hill - week 4 - sorry no pictures, but we learned few things
posted Friday, 17 September 2004

Two reasons for the lack of pictures. 1) the hopefully temporary one: my Photobucket album is "temporarily" off-line. They are working on it. 2 ) the permanent one: I didn't take any pictures today. There are no visible changes and are not likely to be any for a while. But we always like to learn something new.
  1. We saw a tree trimming truck up in the picnic area and asked about the future of the trees. They are supposed to stay and were merely getting groomed.
  2. The construction superintendent, Graig I forgot his last name, does not know anything about the fate of the climbing toys scattered throughout the area. He knows that the rings, the basketball courts, and tennis courts are going to make way for the Distribution Center.
  3. The hold up with the architectural plans has to do with Salt Lake deciding that it wants the temple a foot higher. That means all the plans have to be revised. Salt Lake makes notes about what it wants. The architect cleans it up and makes it architecturally sound. Salt Lake makes notes. etc. Until they are both satisfied with the plans. When that finally happens the plans go to the Sacramento County Supervisors (or something like that) where they may languish for a month.
  4. the contracting firm is one of several that issued bids on the temple, some LDS owned, some not. This company is owned by an LDS fellow. Our supervisor feels very deeply about building the temple. He has done the San Diego Temple as well as others. Although it is just a building and not sacred until it is dedicated, he is keenly aware of its purpose and wants everything to be as perfect as possible.
  5. Graig is from Phoenix, but cannot tell me why anyone would want to live there
  6. He likes people to visit and to help socialize his dogs, because at home in Phoenix, they always stay inside and don't meet many people.
  7. Once the construction fence goes up, only authorized personnel will be allowed inside. No ward or youth service projects or the like. Mostly because of insurance. Partly because they would mostly be in the way sight-seeing. He admits to being a little possessive (protective, controlling, you get it) of the construction site.
  8. Greg does not consider himself highly literate, does not read tech manuals, and is soon receiving a computer for the construction office. Joseph might tutor him in its use. ; )
  9. He says Not all black labs look alike and I will be able to spot my dog even in a field of black labs.

1. Barbara left...
Tuesday, 22 March 2005 8:42 pm

Sariah asks:
Did you ask Greg if he wanted to join you for Thanksgiving? He sure seems nice.

When the temple is done being built, you will get the opportunity to work. They will ask the wards in that area to help clean the building, unwrap furniture, garden, assist in the open house, etc. Then after it's dedicated some of the wards will be given assignments to help in the cafeteria and laundry on a regular basis. It will be a neat experience.

I answer:
I cannot believe I forgot! I will have to write myself a note or something!

Thanks for reminding me.

Erin adds:
It's so cool that you guys go and visit! That's a great idea. Maybe I'll convince my Dad to do it someday (ha, ha.)
Greg does sound like a cool guy! And I really do not understand why anyone in their right minds would want to live in Pheonix. Other than in the winter, maybe...
How's Anna? Maybe I'll come to seminary one of these days, or something. I really want to see her! She sounds very nice. Maybe as soon as she gets over her kennel cough she can come play with our dogs.
Have a great weeekend!

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