Sunday, December 5, 2004

December 5, 2004 temple hill

I almost thought that they had replaced the road along the parking lot with a dirt road, but actually, they have merely dirtied it with stuff falling off their trucks lugging fill dirt, brush, et cetera back and forth.

Besides the dirty road we see here the famous restroom/storage building by the ball fields and, beyond that, the church construction office trailer (as opposed to the construction superitendent's trailer which is not visible).

I am getting to have more of a pattern of what I am shooting. Sadly because, nothing is really catching my imagination.

First, from the corner of the building, this is what we see.

Zoom in.

I am not really capturing the feel of this. It is a very impressive looking deep hole.

Turn slightly.

Now from my friend, the ¢ center line.

Walking closer to the next marker.

Would I get much the same effect by simply using zoom from ¢?

The closer you get, the less you can see.

Holding my camera up over the fence, I don't think we really get much more.

Next, move to the corner of the fence closest to the font area, the southeast, and shoot towards the font area.

Which looks much like the zoom shot from the out building.

Turn slightly towards where the out road was.

Then I walk west along the fence. If there is an opening in the parked trucks and piles of gravel, I might take a picture. Here is that lovely big tree.

A closer look.

Looking eastward across the front of the construction area.

Now, at the Mormon Center, I go up the small flight of stairs to the stage door exit, turn and shoot,

Joseph says the flag pole looks bent because I am shooting wide angle. So, most of the pictures I show you are slightly distorted? This comes as a surprise?

That was looking straight across the front of the temple site, This is shooting more towards the back of the site.

Then I stand on the wall around the flagpole and see what I can get from there.

OK, back here I found a couple of things that somewhat intrigue me. I just think it is interesting that they are running a power cord from the Mormon Center.

But even more, I like the step ladder out in the middle of the construction site.

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