Monday, January 17, 2005

January 17, 2005 a day late

It's too bad that we couldn't shoot Sunday, because Sunday was sunny. Today was grey and darkish.

Approaching the top of the entrance drive. The fork to the right is currently authorized personnel, hard hat area only. One of Joseph's original shooting sites is now inside that gate under the tree. You can also see in the distance the outbuilding from which we have been taking pictures. No going up that trail. At least not when they are working, like today.

The left side leads to another turn to the left and a drive through the picnic area to the parking on the west side of Mormon Center, by the caretaker's, or straight to the formerly big parking lot where we saw that once again our access has been racheted down.

You cannot tell from here, but the line of lights down the middle of the parking lot is now fenced inside the construction zone.

I held my camera over the fence so we could get an idea of what's going on over there.

It is hard to tell from the distance (and there is no getting close) exactly where it is and how it is arranged, but it looks like rebar in the font area.

(Did you know that REBAR is an acronym? for Steel Reinforcing Bar. Did you know there is a website Acronym Finder I didn't, but I probably should have guessed. sent me there.)

I think this instrument is near the center front of where the temple will be. Maybe. It looked like something inside the window looking things was rotating. What is it?

Looking from the stage exit toward the temple site -

Here, with the walkway to Mormon Center, can you see how much the parking lot has been cut off?

Somewhere under all this is my old friend ¢, probably never to be seen again.

We also noticed that the A Field backstop is gone now. But the bleachers remain.

The turkeys were feeding in the picnic area by the parking lot.

More signs of wildlife in the picnic area.

Sorry this little paw didn't come out more clearly we even put down the one-legged Lego man and Joseph's keys for size reference.

We noticed new cement borders around the sand around the trees.

But not all the trees have sand and borders. Is this a case of "Sorry chump, you're a stump."?
I hope not because several trees lack sand and border. None on the other side of the drive through this area, so likely not.

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