Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Sacramento Temple - January 23, 2005

Trying to do a photo-history can be a frustrating business. We really want to go to our old regular shooting spot by the outbuilding. It would be simple enough to walk past the fence. But... sigh. So near and yet so far away. One of our "favorite" warning signs. Why is it there at all if it is going to be upside down so low to the ground? Is it true? We knew this was Super's truck because it barked at us (Hercules and Samson) and it had an Arizona plate on back and it's the right color. Since people were coming out from the church, we waited for him a bit. Nope. Joseph was brave enough to want us to go in looking for him, as perhaps he was being waylaid (by someone else) and delayed. However, once inside, it appeared that one ward was breaking for another session (we don't know how many wards use the building or which he attends). We were not up to wandering the church looking for him during meetings. Besides there was always the likelihood of zigging during his zag. So we went back out to the parking lot. Finally, we left a note on a business card that David gave me for Christmas (thank you son) and left it on the windshield. Now, here's hoping that 1) he sees it before it blows away and 2) he answers. We asked if there is a way to get to the outbuilding by the ball fields without breaking any rules. From the parking lot, it is hard to see what is happening in the basement area.
better when we zoom in

From the stage stairs, all you can see is that they have been digging things up.

here's the latest dirt

If it were a sunny day, you would see that this is actually mounds of dirt on either side of some sort of gulf or hole, but in the grey light, there is no contrast and shadow.

Machines on their day of rest

color on a grey day

Back to back (from a back door of Mormon Center)

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