Sunday, January 9, 2005

January 9, 2005

We didn't get up there as soon as we ought. How quickly we acclimate to not having to be at church by 9am and learn to waste the morning. We had only a few minutes at the temple site before we had to leave for church. Also, it was beginning to rain again.

The construction fence has been moved much further into the parking lot. See how close it now is to ¢.

Here's the center "close-up".

From the outbuilding. Rather grey and unfocused.

This is outside Mormon Center's multi-purpose room. You can see the
web cam on the roof
and the stage exit where I stand to take pictures which show this and this

If you were watching the web cam at just the right moment, you would have seen me stand on the wall by the flag pole to take this (exciting) picture.

I don't know what these are, I just took pictures of them.
this is at the back of the site

these are by the font area

I guess this is their tool cupboard

Walking away from the Mormon Center along the construction fence. In the distance we can see the outbuilding by the baseball fields. This entire parking lot will be redone.

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