Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Pay Back Time

Last Thursday, we had an Off-Site Administration Picnic. We went to Marshall State Historic Park in Coloma where gold was discovered. An interpetive ranger in period dress showed us our to pan for gold, had some pioneer games to play, and took us on hikes before and after lunch. Volleyball competion between units was fierce, but had a time conflict with the hikes, so I didn't see much of it. After lunch, we had a K-9 demonstration. I didn't know that State Parks had dogs! We have 11 state-wide, I think they said. Lunch was great! Beans, salad, and tri-tip. I didn't feel too badly about eating lunch since I did go on both hikes. It was a great day in one of our wonderful state parks. It reminded us what our paper pushing jobs are really all about. California State Parks are awesome.

Friday was pay back. What a rough day. Everyone seemed to have extra problems to handle. It was a pain. But Thursday was worth it.

another payback story - Almost a year and a half ago, I borrowed money from my aunt to hire a lawyer so I could file for divorce. We didn't discuss when I would repay her, it was a when you can kind of thing. When the divorce was nearly finalized and it had been a year since she gave me the money, I finally sent her a check and added a little interest. She wrote back that we never talked about any interest and that I could expect a check in the mail. I figured she was giving me back the extra money, but instead she gave me a substantial gift and told me to get something that I wanted for myself. I thought about several possibilities. Finally, I took the boys to Sleep Train and we all got new mattresses. Ours were all very old, saggy lumpy awful things. Mine the least bad. I think it is the first time in my life that I have had a new mattress. (Except when Glen got us a waterbed which I never really liked. It was bad for my back. Great for his. Go figure) I could have gotten cheaper mattresses elsewhere, but I thought this is a once a life time opportunity, get the best you can. Besides, they delivered and took away the ones we were replacing. That was Monday. I have had a couple of delicious nights sleep! The boys say it feels good, too.

not all pay back stories go so well - Before the divorce, we borrowed money to do much needed house repairs. G borrowed just slightly more than 60% of it to get a new Prius. I was foolish to let it happen. At the time he said he would pay it back plus $50 / month interest. Nothing in writing because I am STOO PID. I was stupid to let him borrow it at all. Also, that was a few months before I realized that I had to get the divorce, so, neither of us knew that was coming. Now he says he is (eventually) going to pay back 1/2 the value of his car minus 1/2 the value of the car I had when I filed - about 40% of what he borrowed! I don't think it is right, but we see right differently. Meanwhile, I have a kitchen that I think honestly could be condemned.

If I had a smidgen of my sister's talent, I would fix the kitchen up myself and spend about 50 cents doing it. Ok, maybe 50 dollars. But I am worse than clueless.

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  1. That's the thing about payback, it isn't always good. :S

    Yay for the good stuff. Boo for the bad stuff.