Monday, October 29, 2007

Ta dump!


The Hinds Halloween Party and Picture Show Friday was, as usual, great fun.  The Hinds came as Toy Story Characters – Tom was Buzz, Ruth was Jessie, Esther Bo Peep and Jared Woody.   Hannah K wore a 50's outfit with full circle skirt and bobby sox. One of her daughters was a pink poodle.  The other was Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.   There were other fun costumes, good food, and visiting.  The Picture Show was Toy Story 2, but I was so tired, I went out to sleep in the car.


As we were leaving the party, Joseph spotted a black cat in the parking lot.  This was a matter of concern with Halloween so near.   He and the cat made friends immediately and we brought her (we think her) home for safe keeping.  Saturday we took her to the SPCA to check for a microchip.   (none, of course. Our Princess Attila the Mouse Hun of Kitty Hen Spoiled Cat Face doesn't have one either.).  This morning I put up some signs around the block during Seminary.   I need to make and put up more.  Meanwhile, she is living in Joseph's room with a tendancy to cry when he leaves.   Last evening she came out exploring.  She is considerably less eager to meet Anna than Anna is to meet her.  What she is interested in is the cockatiels.   If we don't find her family, Joseph has a cat (whom he is teaching to leave the birds alone). 


Saturday was dumpster day!  The dumpster arrived Thursday and the boys put a few things in, but Saturday was the big day.   We did manage to get the old freezer out and the new old freezer in. Hooray!  We also took down the old tree play deck.   The boys had more fun demolishing the deck than they had playing on it. More junk went in from around the yard.  By  the end of the day, we were tired and dirty, but proud, and the dumpster almost full.   Sorting stuff to go from inside the house is harder, but hopefully a few more things will go before the dumpster does.  Progress is slow, but it is forward.


Perkins Ward continues to put itself together.  Still little to no word on Scouts. Ben tells me that Andrew is the only Priest who is an Eagle, but that 2 Teachers are Eagles.  (So there must be some Scouting program, right?!) Ben is determined that soon there will be 3.  Also, I still have no calling.   It is hard to relax and enjoy the freedom, while 1) wondering what I am going to get called to, 2) being totally out of any loop. I miss having keys.  Of course, what I really want are keys to the Dover building.   It is hard for me not to regret turning them in as instructed. Sigh





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  1. I want to see pics from the party!

    Great job on all the dumpster filling!

    Just enjoy the break - don't think about your next calling or what is going on "in" the loop. Just relax and get to know new people. :)