Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I love General Conference

Several times over the weekend, I heard one of the boys say, "I love conference." Oh, the joy!

It is a wonderful blessing to sit electronically at the feet of living prophets and hear their counsel! I took notes, but don't have time to transcribe them here. I will cheat and refer you to Sariah's great notes! The great recurring themes seemed to me to be *be a missionary, *repent, *love, *family.

Admittedly, part of our love of conference involves feasting on more than the Word. We have strong food traditions that help us enjoy conference weekend. I make croissant breakfast sandwiches for us to eat there. Some ward used to make breakfast for their youth to encourage them to attend conference and smelled up the building. That was tough, if you came hungry or after having an inferior breakfast. (They also threw candy at them during session, I think for answering questions.) Also, if I feed the family at conference, we have a better chance of being on time. Between morning and afternoon sesssions both days, we share a picnic lunch with all the full-time missionaries in the building. This conference, we fed a dozen Elders and a pair of Sisters. They really appreciated it, too. Saturday between afternoon and Priesthood session, we go to Leatherby's for ice cream. General Conference can be hazardous to your waist.

But despite all the good food and good company that we enjoy, the heart of conference weekend is the joy of the gospel and seeing and hearing the General Authorities. Almost every time one gets up to speak, I start to think, "Oh, good, he's one of my favorites." I am delighted to see again, that these leaders, these men of God, are human, warm, and have a sense of fun and humor as well as providing words of wisdom and counsel.

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