Thursday, September 27, 2007

One and a Two and You Know What To Do

I spent much of last evening going on to KS (young married adult in River Park Ward) about how great Scouting is and how perfectly it matches the purposes of the Aaronic Priesthood. Well, he asked. He has NO Scouting background. Deprived fellow! I am sure he got more than he bargained for! He was glad to escape when someone called him to particpate in planning meals and such for Scout Expo to which he is going.

Last night Troop 40 met for the last time as we know it. They ended the evening with root beer floats and then sang the Troop 40 song. That choked me up. It's a good song:
"We put the out in Scouting, so we'll continue shouting, we are the spirit of Troop 40! We welcome all the boys and all their hopes and joys. We hold the Scouting torch on high.(high high high)" hmmm, I cannot remember the rest at the moment. Is it "Roll out the Scouting thunder! We'll win, we won't go under! We are the spirit of Troop 40! HEY !" ?

I like it because it sounds good and spirited and it speaks to what Scouting is about. The guys always sound great singing it.

(Joseph said he heard a bagpiper playing the tune once. He asked what it was and found out it is an old Irish song, maybe a national anthem? )

A few of our guys will be going to Scout Expo this weekend, then on to our new troops, whatever they are and whenever they get going.

Most of us agree in our speculation that River Park Ward will probably keep the Troop 40 name. I can think of a couple of guys that I hope get called to lead there.

Brighton Ward is Troop 740, apparently that's old La Riviera's Troop.

I told our old Scoutmaster that as Camellia City Ward pretty much singlehandedly financed the Troop, he should take custody of Troop 40's things to redistibute when we know what the new Troop set-ups are going to be. I told the Primary president the same thing about Cub stuff.

Our Scoutmaster who is now in Brighton said that his Bishop, Biship Dyck, has already activated Ward Activites and has a new ward activity/party scheduled. Awesome! Also, he is getting his YM/Scouting leadership in place and in his ward the Scoutmaster is part of the YM Presidency (as should be). I have heard nothing from or about Perkins Ward yet. I am trying not to be a little jealous. Just because I am not in the know, does not mean things are not happening in Perkins. I imagine I will learn a lot come Sunday.

I hope our new Troop can come up with a good song.

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  1. It's been pensive, exciting, relieving, and sad all at once to learn about all the restructuring of the stake. It hadn't occured to me that it would change Troop 40. Now my to tell AJ about it. He loves "his" troop and The Song! It will be a favorite forever memory for him, no matter the current status. We're so happy to learn that Erin and Tim's home wards have merged so many of their combined friends - when any of us visit, one meeting block will allow us to see most of our favorite people! Thanks for your detailed updates about it - we are staying tuned to learn of your new callings. (On that note, I was just released from Emergency Prep person, but still keep Primary and choir pianist. Jobs that are actually IN my comfort zone - how unusual!)
    We miss and love y'all!!