Wednesday, September 19, 2007

All things must change to something new, to something strange. - Henry Longsworth Longfellow

Sunday next will somewhat rock the world as I know it.  That evening all of Cordova Stake is invited to a special meeting where new ward boundaries and names will be announced. 
New wards, new leadership, new callings, and even a strong possibility of changing buildings. 
Rumors, speculation, nostalgia! 
Indications are that this will be no minor adjustment, but possibly an entire new shake up.  We are all considering our friends, neighbors and leaders - wondering who we will be sitting with next week -  and where.  We know there are people we will miss seeing and working with regularly.  I am thinking how fond I am of our particular building. 
There is a little anxiety and maybe a little excitement.  We have long known that our ward and our sister ward have been struggling in many areas.  But, we are,nonetheless,  fond our of our ward, our ward family.  We are praying to accept the changes with faith and trust in our leaders.
Plans, programs, neighbors, and leaders may change, but the gospel remains eternally the same and true. 


  1. Exciting! And scary. But mostly exciting!!!

    Well, at least there's a pretty good chance that you'll still be in the same ward as your grandkids. ;) Keep us updated!

  2. It seems to me that most of the growth within the stake has been at the east end (where new housing developments are being built). I think it is more likely that more people will be moving towards the 51st & Dover building than away from it. Do you know for sure if this is limited to changes within the stake?

  3. Sariah, yes! that is the good news. I think exciting and scary, but mostly scary. Not too scary, but change is scary.

    David, Actually, no I don't. No rumors about anything beyond that I have heard, though.

    If other wards have been having the attendance problems it looks to me that we have had lately, there may be some consolidation as well as realignment.

    I do hope I get to stay with the 51st & Dover building!

    T asked how I was going to handle being with Bishop F. If that happens, Ben will be thrilled and I will accept it. I may even grow to a better appreciation. There are some things I like/admire. However, I don't picture any heart-to-hearts anytime soon.

    Whatever happnes, we will just have to trust the Lord's annointed, learn to make new friends and accept new callings.