Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Last Dance

As Camellia City Ward shares boundaries with 3 other struggling wards, rumor is rife that it will be totally disbanded, chopped up, and redistributed. Veiled hints from those who likely know do nothing to quell these rumors. CCW has been my home for well over 30 years. There are still a few families left who have been here much longer. Some who have been around since the old Homestead Ward. We have been in mourning since the announcement last week of the boundary changing meeting tonight.

CCW has its weakness, challenges, and failings, but it is home. Our ward family has its misfits, oddballs, annoyances and deadweight, but it is our family. Even the ones which we might not mind too much being in different wards, we worry about a bit. Will they be welcomed, tolerated and helped? And what about our Lao and Mien people?? Although they live all over the city, some quite far away. CCW has been their home, too. We have the special missionaries who come and learn the language here in the field. We have spent ward money on translation equipment and extra materials in Lao and Mien - without getting extra consideration in our allotted budget. We have tried to provide a place where they are welcome, have someone to help with the language, can share a little of their culture, and also learn to live in America. Where will they be going now? Troop 40 has at least 2 more Life Scouts I was looking forward to seeing make Eagle soon. I am sure that we will be separated from at least one of them. What will happen to our Troop? Hopefully Troop 40 will survive the restructing, whether or not we are part of it. It is like the 2nd oldest troop in our Council. Some many questions and so many memories.

Then, of course, the question, what challenges will we face in our new ward?

We have to believe that the changes are inspired and, therefore, the best for everyone.

We (one or two of us) are looking forward to meeting more youth, especially hopeful of meeting new, worthwhile, opposite gender youth. The dating pool in CCW is not very deep.

New friends, new callings, new leaders, and the same true gospel. Still, I woke up crying this morning and have experienced occasional light showers since.

How fortunate and inspired that our charming, creative, delightful (as well as beautiful, intelligent and fun) Ward Activities Chair had scheduled a Ward activity for last night! The Bishop said, Forget the expenses. full speed ahead! - He who is always counseling thrift and creativity and worrying about the budget. - Go ahead and shoot your wad. The ward bought pizza and sodas. ( And lots of balloons. ) The members brought salads and desserts. It looked like a lot of food. Several people exclaimed at all the pizza. It was all devoured. Good food, good music, good fun. From time to time some of us would turn a bit wistful and melancholy, but we would shake it off, remember our faith, and party on a little harder.

Part of the fun - Family Feud starring the Foell family and the Hamaker family! "What do children do in Sacrament meeting?" "What qualities must a Bishop have?" "What makes you late for church?" "What do people use to keep their place in their scriptures?" "What should a missionary have before going on a mission?" Lots of laughter and audience participation.

We had a great party. Now it is over. The last dance.

Today in Sacrament Meeting, the Bishopric will bid "farewell to the troops." I think I had better bring a hanky. or two.

I am going to HATE giving up my keys to our beautiful building!

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