Saturday, September 15, 2007

Morning Shift

Last week, we had hardly been at the dog park long, when Anna attacked another dog! (Approximately equal size, at least) They had been approaching towards each other and retreating like dogs sometimes do. She had expressed what I thought was her excitement, but may have been some anxiety, by jumping on me - which she is not supposed to do! Then suddenly, without apparent provocation, Anna went after the other dog.  Of course, she wouldn't listen and I had some difficulty pulling her off.  Fortunately, she didn't actually hurt him.  I gave the lady my number; thankfully she has not seen the need to call.

Anna has not been to the dog park since.  I do intend to take her back.  Probably tomorrow.  I think when she goes to the dog park now, she will wear a harness.  I hope that such an incident does not repeat itself, but if it does, I hope her harness gives me a better chance to get a grip on her.

Other reasons for not going to the dog park include gas prices, early morning weekend obligations, and a shift in the Seminary schedule.  Seminary is 15 minutes earlier now, so I don't catch my friend who also frequents the dog park.  Anna and I play in the church parking lot or walk the neighborhood.

One morning recently, she did another no-no and chased a cat despite me calling her off.  So she had a time-out in the car while I played with the ball in the parking lot where she could see me.  What I forgot was that my ever low battery cell phone was in the car charging.  She jumped around and broke off a bit of the charger inside the phone.  I think my phone and I are soon to part company.  Of course, that was days ago and the phone that starts beeping low battery after sitting for 9 hours doing nothing, was still fully charged until I called my aunt this afternoon and talked for nearly half an hour.  Strange. 

It is time for me to study phone plans anyway.  My phone is on my ex's family plan.  That's not quite right to keep.  I just haven't had time to study phone plans and budgets yet. Any recommendations?  Until then I am carrying my old Virgin Mobile, when I remember.

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  1. I am surprised, totally out of character for Anna. I am sure it won't happen again. I did laugh at picturing you bouncing the ball to punish her.

    We bought a dog last night. The guy said it was a lab, but I am thinking it is a pit. I hope not. But, she is adorable, and her name is Delilah. I'll have to send you a picture.