Saturday, September 15, 2007

Barely Managing Accounting

 I know I am always saying that I am busy, and truly believing it; then it gets busier!  I am far behind in reading and even further behind in writing my correspondence.

My Managerial Accounting class is in session. Wow-o-wow.  Sacramento City College has shortened its school year by a couple of weeks and, consequently, lengthened the time in class each day.  Instead of being in class for about 2 hours, we are in session for 2 hours and 40 minutes each time we meet, which is twice a week.  Add in collapsing on my desk, gasping for air recovery time from the mental exertion plus painful commiseration and peer therapy among classmates and I lose nearly 3 hours of work time.  Ok, minus the 30 minute lunch break, I lose being in class, and the breaks I sometimes take on regular days.  oh, Liz, Hi, I mean the state mandated breaks I regularly take.  There seems to be a slightly frantic air about the professor to make sure we cover the material in the time alloted.  He seems to be feeling the pinch of those 2 weeks.  The homework takes hours and hours! Not just for me, the pretty much the whole class is struglling.  Thank goodness that with homework being on-line, we can click "how am I doing" and find out if any of our answers are right yet.  We do a step or two, check, re-work, check, re-work, check, and eventually cheer!, then move on to the next step.  This semester is requiring more thinking, and, well, some of us find it real work.  I know, I can hear the rude comments. 

Speaking of rude comments,  The first day of class our professor was not of clean, respectable, and business-like mouth.  I think he gets away with it at college because some students are likewise and others are intimidated.  Our class organizer contacted the school and he has behaved himself gentlemanly since. 

I am truly grateful for the opportunity.  I could not do it, taking classes for 3 hours in the evening after a full day of work like a couple of our younger workers.  I do not have the stamina, nor the free evenings! 

My boss encouraged me to apply for a promotional exam.  The truth is that I am not fully qualified in experience or education, so will probably be rejected. At least if that happens, they will tell me why so I know  precisely  where I stand there.  And! if I am rejected, I won't have to face the exam which is an oral and terrifies me.  I am not sure when we will hear.

I really like my office.  If I want to stay, I had better earn a promotion.  They are hoping to upgrade my position.  I have no idea of the timeline.  I don't THINK this is a clever ploy to get rid of me.

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