Thursday, November 8, 2007

Joe's "Job"

Last Friday, the boys spent the day downtown, mostly in my office. They successfully mapped my office and gave me an index. It has proven useful in sending them on errands, and both for me to find staff and to direct visitors to the people they want to see. It is a very good map. They helped a bit here and there, then we went to lunch. All you can eat lunch buffet at Roundtable Pizza. Nice! After lunch, Andrew and Benjamin went to the Downtown Ice Rink which was letting people skate free for opening day. And giving free light rail passes, so I didn't have to pay to take them home! Joseph and I returned to the office where Joseph made himself useful. Andrew and Benjamin came back and helped some more before quitting time. In fact, Mr. Promptness, made us leave a few minutes late so he could assemble "one more" in-box for the supervisor he was helping. The boys were immensely popular here!

This week, Benjamin returned to his Independent Studies at home, and Andrew to his computer life with some interruptions for chores and a little job hunting. Joseph has been working full time this week as an unpaid member of our office. Yesterday, he even came to staff meeting with me. The supers are loving him. One reminded him to put this experience on his resume, gave him her card, and told him he can use her as a reference. Another told me today that they are becoming dependent on him.

I like having him around, although we are both working so diligently in different cubicles, that we don't see each other much. He is getting some work experience and comfortable with the whole work/office thing. Finding out that he is smart and valued. Some of my co-workers are making headway on some back-piled work. It is a good experience all around. The only bad thing is that he is so busy, he hasn't had much time to look into applying for a state exam so he can get a job that actually pays. The good thing is that the experience is making him more comfortable and interested in the idea.
Today we are even working an extra half hour - me on both reducing my backlog and my vacation hours for Turkey time. Him because he is so diligent and generous.
We had thought that Joseph and Andrew would be with the California Conservation Corps by now, but apparently openings are harder to come by than we first thought. Time to stop waiting on that and get on with in the meantime or instead.
"Ben's supervisor" is hoping that he will soon have another available day. She thought he was very mature and helpful.
Andrew did not get attached to any particular supervisor, that I know of, but just made himself useful here and there. They would be glad to have him come again, too.
I do have a couple of IMAX tickets from the BloodSource.....


  1. That is really good for all the guys, especially Joe. Definitely good to have some experience for the resume and also for his own self-confidence. :) Hopefully this will lead to a paying job!

  2. I am so excited for Joe. he has some amazing qualities that will benefit employers. Good luck to him!!

    I am always happy to read how well your little family is doing. You are an excellent mom!!

    Pam(who can never remember her blogger username.LOL)

  3. That is really great for Joe, Andrew, & Ben and a lucky score for your office.
    This will be good experience for all of the guys and it's always nice to be appreciated for helping out.

    Pam - you can always click on Other and type in your name.
    *Napoleon voice* "That's what I always do."