Monday, November 19, 2007

More from Amazon - Is there hope?

First, please allow me to extend my most sincere apologies for any
frustration this matter has caused.

I can assure you that your concern is already escalated to the
appropriate department in our company for consideration.

Also, we are already made aware of our customers concern regarding
this products. Our investigation team is already working on this
matter and one they complete the investigation, they will make
necessary changes in this regard.

Please know that we respect your opinions and value your feedback.
Strong customer feedback like yours helps us continue to improve the
selection and service we provide, and we appreciate the time you
took to write to us.

Rest assured that this matter will be resolved to your satisfaction.
Your patience and understanding are greatly appreciated in this

Therefore before authorizing us to close your account, please read
the following information carefully. Further action is required in
order to close your account.

Once your account is closed, it's no longer accessible by you or
anyone else. You'll need to start a new account if you wish to order
more items on our site, participate in auctions, or take advantage
of any other features on our web site which require a password.


I am waiting a little while. Maybe I can still shop at


  1. Wow, Mom! Good job!

  2. hee hee, BTW, that was me.

  3. After reading this second response, I reread the first reply. A new interpretation came to the phrase "except where prohibited by law." On first reading, it sounded like "Ha, this is legal and we will keep doing it." In light of them claiming to investigate to sounds like "We don't like censorship, but will tolerate it in areas where we have to in order to do business." Of course the second response could simply be "Oh you're serious about this, so we'll say something to appease you for now." Either way, they've done an excellent job allowing themselves to change their minds without losing face. If you don't want to delete your account but want to show that you're serious about a boycott, you could make all your lists private until they make a change - emphasizing that you do not wish to receive items purchased on Amazon from others.t